We enrich our business database with free available sources and official sources such as the German Business Register. Additionally, we add information from databases of our partners.
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Right now there are already over 3.5 million entries of companies on compaly. A count that includes over 90% of all companies registered in Germany! In the case that your company is missing out, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Just drop us a mail with the address and name of the missing company at contact@compaly.com. Our system then reviews this company and you should find it within 4 weeks on compaly.
If you have the feeling, that we've made a mistake about a company, we'd be delighted to hear from you! Just drop us a mail at contact@compaly.com with the correct information. We will update the entry accordingly within 4 weeks.
compaly makes researching company information fast & easy.
  • In addition to the comprehensive company informations and financial informations, we offer daily updated official reports, like the Register Report, a Shareholder List, the Articles of Association and much more.
  • Additionally we offer mobile apps that will make your company-related tasks much more comfortable. Get updated about the newest changes regarding the companies which you have a stake in and benefit from all the features our website offers on a format that's optimised for mobile application.
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  • Look up company infromation fast & easy on the go.
  • For your convenience, access advanced official reports, like the Trade Register.
  • If you find a company that's of your continued interest, add it to the list of companies your watching and benefit of being informed about the latest news regarding these companies.
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  1. Check the spelling.
  2. Leave out the legal form.
  3. You can also search by the company's registration number.
  4. Look up the definitive name of the company by consulting the imprint usually found on the company's website.

If you still have trouble finding a specific company, it could be possible that you're searching for a company which doesn't has to register. In case you think we're missing out a company that should be listed by us, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Just drop a short E-Mail at contact@compaly.com and we'll come back to you shortly.

If we're listing outdated/incorrect information about your company just drop a short E-Mail at contact@compaly.com. We'd be happy if you could supply us with the correct informations and we'll come back to you within 4 weeks.

We'd like to help you with giving our users an overview about your company which is as accurate and comprehensive as possible. Supplying us with this information for us to portray for you is a Win-Win for both sides! As such we offer you the option to extend your company's profile - for free.

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  2. extend your company's profile with valuable informations, such as:
    • contact information
    • a Slogan
    • Keywords
    • and much more

Please contact our support at contact@compaly.com.

An account at compaly is totally free and offers you a more comfortable use of our services, more information, and last but not least the chance to obtain official reports.

  • more free company informations
  • stay up-to-date about companies, which you have subscribed to
  • access comfortable personalised lists, like last recently visited company profiles
  • obtain official Reports, like the Trade Register, and access them from anywhere and all your devices

compaly provides you with an abundance of different, official reports. To get you informed as comprehensive as possible, we offer…

  • the official Trade Register
  • Credit Report
  • the Shareholder List
  • the Articles of Association
  • VAT Number Check
  • Credit Check

Take a look for yourself! Simply get a sample report at one of the 3.5 million company profiles on compaly.

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Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive information you can find on a company. The reports we supply to you, are here to help you with that. If you want to take a look for yourself, we offer you sample reports, which you can download anytime without registration. You can find them on one of the 3.5 million company profiles, where the reports are listed.

You can find the reports, such as the official Trade Register, Credit Report and much more, on the respective company's profile on the right hand.

You can access your reports anytime from your account's dashboard on the website or the mobile app. You can download your reports as PDF-documents and use or print them anywhere or use them comfortably with our app on the go.

Of course! Reports you purchased are yours to keep, without restrictions. In addition we keep them safe for your convenience. You can re-download them as often as you like and access them from a variety of devices.

It's crucial for us that your data is safe with us. As such we ensure that your whole purchase experience runs down in an encrypted manner. The safety of your information is of greatest concern for us also with the choice of the payment processing partners we support. As such only these, which were certified from independent certificatory for their safety, came in consideration for us.

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